Learn the Facebook & Instagram Advertising Techniques that have Helped our Clients Earn More than SGD13,325/Day in the last 3 months… While Cutting Their Advertising Costs by A Whopping 20%!

[Calling All Business Owners and Marketers Who Want To Get The Most Out of Their Websites]

In today’s market, there is a huge influx of “marketing” agencies that have started providing marketing services. However, most of them are in for the quick cash, and while they know how to use the platforms, they lack real marketing insight that makes all the difference!

This resulted in them using clients (perhaps your business) as a trial and error platform, while having a few successes and lots of failures. Exploding their clients’ budget and costing them thousands of dollars in wasted adspend…

Don’t let these “marketing pirates” steal your money. In the next 7 minutes, I’m going to share with you how you can take control of your marketing destiny, and revealed secrets on how to generate a multi-million revenue campaign!


My name is Norman Yeo, a fellow marketer just like you.

Most of you would know me as a the General Manager of Tangy Lab Group Pte Ltd & a  Digital Marketing Strategist who focuses on helping brands such as (3M, NTUC, Hourglass) and local SMES to skyrocket their sales and grow their business through social media.

At an agency level, we mainly help companies either to increase engagement, increase number of enquiries to the business or generate leads that convert to sales eventually

In fact, in the last 90 days, we have spent more than SGD250,000 on Ads, Generating an average of 10x ROI for our clients!

We have also trained more than 500 Business Owners and Sales Professionals on how they can increase sales through Facebook Marketing. 

Below are some examples of how we help our clients.

What We Have Done For Our Clients:

** This is Just for 1 Client!**

In the past, there’s no way I would ever dream of openly sharing all my secrets on how I helped businesses generate massive revenue through digital marketing. But along the way, I realized that there are huge knowledge gaps and I felt that there is something i should do about it... Here is the Scary thing...

3 Money-Sucking Patterns Happening In The Market

Here Are Some More Results!

Over subscription with more than 400 leads in just 2 weeks!

“Sharp Increase In Enquires & Bookings…”

During Chinese New Year period, I engaged Norman to help us with the promotion of our new Chinese New Year menu and through this campaign, we saw a sharp increase in enquiries for deliveries and bookings thanks to his effort. 

I highly recommend Norman and will be engaging him again.

~ Andy Chee, Director, Kowloon Express, Muslim Restaurant

“… More Than 15x ROI!…”

In just 3 months of working together with Norman, he has generated a massive amount of leads that resulted in more than 15x ROI!

His ability to produce highly targeted and captivating ads has helped me to attract plenty of qualified leads, which radically increased my closing rates and shortened my sales process.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for high quality and targeted traffic. 

~ Ronald Lye, Persuasive Copywriting Strategist, Wordplay

“300 Leads in 2 Months. More than 50% Increase!”

“In the past, I have worked with numerous digital marketers and they were only generating a few leads every week. 

But when I started working with Norman, he managed to generate more than 300 leads within a short span of 2 months. That is more than a 50% increase in leads!

If you are looking for quality leads, you must look for Norman!”

~Wendy Swee, Director, Wayguru Productions Singapore

Here is a Fraction Of What You Will Learn When You Come Down...

In The Facebook & Instagram Advertising Course, We will be sharing with you the techniques we use to help companies generate millions! All our secrets will be shared to you… no holding back! Here is a sneak peek on what you will learn:

Deep Understanding of Your Prospect So You Can Trigger Their “Buying” Button And Turn Them To Customers That Will Buy From You Over Your Competitors. After consulting companies from MNC to SME, the most common killer mistakes companies make is the lack of understanding of their customer and not truly grasping what make them tick. With our Buyer Persona Template, you can build an in-depth understanding of your make on a step-by-step basis. Make your buyer thank you for selling to them!

The Various Types of Facebook Ads and How To Leverage On Them Effectively… Thus Saving You Thousands of Dollars.

Our S.A.P Strategy on Creating Ads That Will “SAP” In Your Audience Like a High Powered Vacuum. With this, your ads, you’ll stand out in the market and your audience will have no choice but to notice you. Let's be honest... Most ads sucks and that why you probably never click on most of the ads on Facebook. But for some reason, there are some ads that you just stop... stare at it... and click. We will share with you our "Ads Copywriting Framework" & "Visual Creation Methodology" That will make your audience STOP! STARE! & CLICK!

Little-known but extremely effective ways to Find Your Audience On Facebook With “Laser Like” Precision and The Secret Sauce That Most Agencies Are Unwillingly to Share… Because This Can Only Be Obtained With Years of Experience and Hundreds of Thousands Spent on Advertising. (No other workshops share this powerful secret!). Advance Targeting Strategy can easily cut your cost down by at least 50%! Most Facebook Campaign fail because of incorrect targeting. And thats why marketers are privy about the sercrets of targeting. We will open our secrets like an open book for you.

Advance Advertising Strategies That Will Position You As The Top Authority In Your Niche. Imagine building deep-layered trust with your audience even before you meet them… your sales cycle will be radically cut short!

More Proven Strategies that have helped more than 300+ Business Owners, Marketers and Salespeople get tremendous digital marketing ROI

Extra Featured Component!

We will be going through Facebook Lead Ads, a new Facebook tool that will allow you to generate leads within Facebook. This will help you start generating more leads and even reduce your leads cost!

Register For Our Next Batch Now!

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Course

Date:  8th and 9th April 2017

( Saturday and  Sunday)

Time: 9.30am – 6.00pm

Investment: SGD2,099/ Pax For 2 Days

Register Now! There Will Be Limited Seats As This Is a Hands On Class Which Require A lot of Coaching... Meaning We have to keep the class small.

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Feedbacks From Past Participants

“If You Are Watching This, And Wondering -- 'Hmm... Should I Come For Norman's Couse?' -- The Answer Is YES

"What Norman's Course Do Is That It Provides A Lot Of Data And Hands-On Experiences That Allow You To Really Learn


Here’s the honest truth: you have struck jackpot here, because we will be sharing insider secrets that most other agencies are not willing to share. The reason is because if everyone knows these insider secrets, there goes their rice bowl.

Our upcoming workshop Facebook & Instagram workshop will be on the 7th, 8th and 9th of April 2017, (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)… at an incredibly low investment of just SGD2,500. As far as I know, you’ll never get a better value out there. Because compared to the amount of revenue you can bring in, this is peanuts!

If you are a smart business owner, you will know that this technique can multiply your investment many times over. If you are a marketer, having this skillset will turn you from a cost centre to a profit centre, making you much more valuable in your company.

At the end of the day, this investment of SGD2,500 is only SGD7.22 per day for a year. At most you can only buy a plate of chicken rice with that amount (if you eat at cheap coffee shops). If you are a serious marketer, you will know that this is a small investment never found anywhere else in the market.

Don’t Run Your Next Ads Until You come to this Workshop. Because the money you’ll be “donating” to Facebook is going to cost a lot more than the workshop.

You Are Still Here?

Hey, if you are still here, means you have yet to sign up right? I know the reason why… It’s the SGD 2,500 right?

Let’s me be straight with you, the value that you will get from this power packed course is way more than just SGD2,500. 

You know that marketing is an investment that when done correctly. It can help you multiply your revenue easily. Just one successful campaign and you can make back your course fee many times over .

If you decide to do it yourself without knowing the right strategies, the amount of time, money and effort just to find a winning formulae is easily going to cost you SGD10,000 and above! 

If you’re still having doubts, let us offer you an iron-clad guarantee. We’re 100% confident that you’ll learn loads of valuable info from our speakers.

But if for whatever reason you feel that you did not learn a single thing, you can approach any of our staff, ask for a money-back guarantee and we will refund you completely in 2 weeks’ time. No questions asked. (But you must do so by 3.30pm on the first day).

Just To Let You Know…

The bad news is that this workshop is seriously high in demand. In our last batch, we could only hold 25 pax due to room size limitation, and we were even oversubscribed as we had 37 people who registered. In fact, as of the point of writing, we are already 18 people filled.

But the good news is, there’re still 7 seats left! If you missed out on the previous workshop, don’t let it happen again. Hurry and register to ensure you don’t miss out on this great deal!

We are closing registrations when the seats are filled up. More could be gone even as you’re reading this… So Stop hesitating and take action now!

So if you’re ready to see exponential growth in sales… If you’re ready to take your business to the next level… If you’re ready to learn multi-million dollar strategies … then hurry up and register now!

Just click on one of those cool looking Register Buttons located through the page, fill in some basic details and we’re all good to go! Looking forward to adding massive value to you at the “Facebook & Instagram Advertising Course!

Register Now before the Seats Gets Snatched Away!

P.S. If you’re one of those who like to skip directly to the end (I do that sometimes too), here is a summary for you: I’ll be conducting a Facebook & Instagram Advertising Course, where I will reveal advance facebook techniques that have brought in millions of dollar in revenue for my clients. With this knowledge, you can start increasing your own revenue and outshine your competition.

P.P.S Do remember that there are only 7 Seats left at this point of writing. If you do not snatch this offer fast, it will be gone soon for sure. And honestly… I’m not sure if I am running this again as I have a lot of other projects on my plate.

P.P.P.S Last but not least, I have been gradually increasing my price as the demand gets higher, so it’s very likely that in future, I’ll be raising the price. No matter how much, it’ll still be a bargain. But why wait when you can snag the marketing deal of the year right now?

About The Speaker

Norman Yeo is the General Manager of Tangy Lab Group Pte Ltd, a social media agency dedicated to help companies to fulfill their marketing objectives through Digital Marketing. Norman has helped various organizations, from SMEs to MNCs, to build brand loyalty and achieve actual ROI from Digital Marketing.

He has increased his client’s reach & engagement by more than 25 times, and generated ROI on Sales of more than 15 times for them.

Some of the notable companies he has worked with include 3M Singapore, The Hourglass, NTUC, Sime Darby (Thrifty Car Rental), CapitalMall Asia, AVAYA, SPH Plug & Play, etc.

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